Sal Taddeo Jr.: Reasons to Donate

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sallee Figs and of Salangi Enterprises. Sal Taddeo Jr. is also a loving husband and father who makes it his goal to be a best friend to his wife and children. Still, he is able to donate his time and resources to causes that he believes in.

If you admire people like Sal Taddeo Jr. for their donations of time and resources, but you don’t actively give to organizations, reasons like those below might convince you to start:

  • You Make a Difference

Every donation of time or resources touches lives. Whether your donations help pay utility bills for a homeless shelter or plant trees in a deforested area, you change the world for the better when you donate. Giving time instead of funds or items allows you to see firsthand how your generosity improves the world.

  • Resource Donations are Tax Deductible

If you give resource-based donations (money or goods) to an organization, you can claim them on your taxes. Keep an itemized record of all resource donations you make – they add up and can make a significant difference on your taxes.

  • You’ll Set an Example

For those with children or others who look up to them, donating sets a good example. It shows that you care about the world and those in it, and it inspires others to take similar compassionate actions in their lives.

Every month, Sal Taddeo Jr. makes donations to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He also volunteers with orphanages, homeless shelters and organizations like the Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ) Soul Kitchen in his area. To learn more about the JBJ Soul Kitchen, visit

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Sal Taddeo Jr.: President of Sallee Figs

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the President of Sallee Figs, a company that grows and sells fig trees and their fruits. Salle Figs has many varieties of fig trees for people to plant and enjoy in many locations throughout the United States and beyond. Buying a fig tree for a front or back lawn is a great way to not only get a steady supply of the delicious fruit, it also adds decoration and beauty to any outdoor area.
Mr. Sal Taddeo has sold fig trees to buyers in many locations with different growing conditions and soil makeups. Sallee Figs is proud to help people get a continuous supply of rare exotic fig s from trees straight from the Mediterranean, and from around the world.

Sal Taddeo Jr. oversees Sallee Figs’ growing of thousands of fig trees of hundreds of varieties from all over the world. In addition to Taddeo’s dealings with fig tree buyers and suppliers, Sal Taddeo Jr. is also the President of Salangi Enterprises, a business consulting firm that offers business advising services to local owners in the New Jersey area and beyond.

Sal Taddeo Jr. has created opportunities for many people in his community and beyond to experience an all-natural healthy fruit right from their own backyard.

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Sal Taddeo Jr.: Entrepreneurial Skills

Sal Taddeo Jr. is a business owner with decades of experience and multiple successful endeavors to his name. Sal Taddeo Jr. holds multiple certifications, has years of educSal-Taddeoation and is skilled in real estate development, construction management, communication, human relations, project management, leadership and profit/loss management.

If you hope to succeed as an entrepreneur, you’ll need to build business skills as Sal Taddeo Jr. did so you have a solid foundation to operate on. Knowledge and traits like those touched on below is just the beginning:

  • Productivity

When you work for yourself, you answer to yourself. This is only a good thing if you are productive and disciplined, though. Anything less will leave you getting less work done than you need to and ultimately falling behind. Time management goes hand-in-hand with productivity.

  • Networking

Making connections in your industry and with other people in general is essential to entrepreneurship. The better your networking skills, the more people you’ll have on your side when you launch a business, product or service.

  • Delegation

You can’t do everything yourself, especially if your business grows. You must delegate tasks to skilled professionals and manage them well. The ability to delegate is difficult, but you’ll likely start with an accountant or another finance professional.

  • A Desire for Good

One thing that makes Sal Taddeo Jr. stand out to those who know him is his desire to improve the world. He volunteers, donates and otherwise spreads positivity however he can. His motto is this:

Recommended read:

“The more love that you give unconditionally, and the more you give, without others asking, the better you feel inside your heart and soul, and the more that comes back to you positively in multitudes.”

To learn more about Sal Taddeo Jr.’s businesses, head to or

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Sal Taddeo Jr.: Reasons to Volunteer

Salvatore Taddeo Jr., a New Jersey business owner, is known to friends, family and associates as a compassionate, generous man. Sal Taddeo Jr. is committed to helping others and often volunteers to offer assistance in a hands-on way.

“[I volunteer] to have the opportunity to really help others in need,” said Sal Taddeo Jr., “[To] make others in need feel important, special, wanted and needed.”


Other reasons to volunteer include:

  • You’ll Spend Your Time Well

If you usually spend nights watching your favorite series on Netflix and weekends relaxing at home, why not put some of your time to better use? You could instead be showing people much-needed kindness or helping homeless pets find homes.

  • You’ll Make Friends and Acquaintances

It’s hard to make friends as an adult. If you’re lonely, or in need of business connections, volunteer work can help. You’ll meet like-minded people, experience hands-on work with them and be able to connect in ways that you would otherwise miss.

  • You’ll Improve Your Resume

Volunteer work builds skills and shows a selfless motivation many hiring managers look for in employees. This might help you get a promotion, pay raise or new job. You can also use volunteer work to begin branching into another field.

If you’re not convinced, why not sign up for a short volunteer shift to see what it’s like? You’ll meet other caring souls, like Salvatore Taddeo, and you’ll be able to make an educated decision on if you enjoy volunteer work after you’re done.




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Sal Taddeo Jr.: How to Give Back to the World

Salvatore Taddeo is a compassionate businessman who lives and works in New Jersey. Everything he does is for his family and to give back to those who need it. When he isn’t working on one of his successful businesses, he’s either spending time with his wife and kids or he’s volunteering at a local organization.

If you want to give back to the world, but you’re not sure where to start, consider what matters to you. From children to cancer patients to the homeless, the environment or unwanted animals, you can volunteer or donate to support many worthy causes. Salvatore Taddeo both volunteers regularly and gives monthly donations to organizations that he believes in.


Tips like those below can help you start giving back today:

  • Schedule Regular Donations

If you believe in the work an organization does, consider scheduling a regular donation within your price range. Every month, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that some of your hard-earned money is helping a cause you believe in.

  • Volunteer

For those with a bit of extra time, volunteering is an excellent way to touch lives. You’ll often meet the people or pets that you’re helping, giving you a hands-on understanding of your impact. Volunteering is also an excellent way to make friends and hone professional skills.

When Sal Taddeo Jr. searches for new places to volunteer with or donate to, he researches the organization and checks its reputation. This is crucial if you want to ensure your efforts have the largest impact possible.



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Salvatore Taddeo Jr. – Real Estate Agent and Developer

Sal Taddeo Jr. is a real estate agent based in Rumson, New Jersey and is a property development and management expert. In addition to leading businesses as the president of Salangi Enterprises and Sallee Figs, Sal Taddeo Jr is also a property expert.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. knows the real estate market and how to make money from buying, developing, and selling property in his community. He is a commercial and residential property expert.

Salvatore Taddeo

Sal Taddeo Jr. has many years of experience in the real estate field. He has been a licensed agent in New Jersey for many years and continues to help his clients get the best deals on property in the area as much as he can.

Also read more on:

Mr. Taddeo’s expertise moving property and developing it helps him in his other business dealings, which involve growing and selling hundreds of types of fig trees for his business, Sallee Figs.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. loves real estate management and keeps his businesses extremely well-organized and focused on his goals for his customers. He sells these trees to customers around the world.



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Sal Taddeo Jr – What To Look For In A Consultant

As the founder and President of Salangi Enterprises LLC, Sal Taddeo Jr.offers consultancy services to a number of clients. His work can help business owners with a variety of problems, often making him a crucial component in future success.

Sal Taddeo Jr

If you are considering hiring a consultant, the following are some of the qualities that you need to look for.

Industry Experience

The main reason why business owners look to hire consultants is because they bring industry experience. In many cases, new entrepreneurs can use this experience to place them on the fast track to learning lessons that would otherwise have taken years and a number of mistakes to learn on their own. This experience also allows talented consultants to spot issues in operational procedures that can then be quickly remedied.


Consultants need to be able to form relationships quickly within the companies that hire them, which means they must be approachable and personable. They should work hard to place others at ease, as this allows them to be quickly accepted into the fold and also means they are able to extract key information from people who may otherwise have not trusted them.

Sal Taddeo


Before hiring any consultants, you should look towards the references they have from previous clients. This will provide you with more insight into how they work, in addition to letting you gauge their success levels with other businesses. Ask for references from any consultants you meet and consider checking online to see if you can find more information.

Salvatore Taddeo is the President of Salangi Enterprises LLC and an experienced business owner. He can be reached by calling 732.864.4147 or



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