Sal Taddeo Jr.: Reasons to Volunteer

Salvatore Taddeo Jr., a New Jersey business owner, is known to friends, family and associates as a compassionate, generous man. Sal Taddeo Jr. is committed to helping others and often volunteers to offer assistance in a hands-on way.

“[I volunteer] to have the opportunity to really help others in need,” said Sal Taddeo Jr., “[To] make others in need feel important, special, wanted and needed.”


Other reasons to volunteer include:

  • You’ll Spend Your Time Well

If you usually spend nights watching your favorite series on Netflix and weekends relaxing at home, why not put some of your time to better use? You could instead be showing people much-needed kindness or helping homeless pets find homes.

  • You’ll Make Friends and Acquaintances

It’s hard to make friends as an adult. If you’re lonely, or in need of business connections, volunteer work can help. You’ll meet like-minded people, experience hands-on work with them and be able to connect in ways that you would otherwise miss.

  • You’ll Improve Your Resume

Volunteer work builds skills and shows a selfless motivation many hiring managers look for in employees. This might help you get a promotion, pay raise or new job. You can also use volunteer work to begin branching into another field.

If you’re not convinced, why not sign up for a short volunteer shift to see what it’s like? You’ll meet other caring souls, like Salvatore Taddeo, and you’ll be able to make an educated decision on if you enjoy volunteer work after you’re done.





About Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, a construction, consulting, and project management firm specializing in real estate and facility operations. Mr. Taddeo prides himself on helping other businesses expand in New Jersey, which helps stimulate the economy and provide jobs to his community. He hopes that his businesses are an example of how all businesses should be run in the community. Mr. Taddeo may be contacted at
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