Salvatore Taddeo – Advice For New Company CEOs

In addition to being the President of Salangi Enterprises LLC, Sal Taddeo Jr. is also the President and CEO of Sallee Figs, which can be found at or emailed at, Sal Taddeo Jr. has also worked as the CEO for a number of companies.


This is a difficult role at the best of times, so those who are new to it should keep the following advice in mind.

Listen To Others

Though you now lead your company, that doesn’t mean you know everything about it. You should constantly be listening to the advice that others provide to you, as this offers you the information you need to make key decisions. Don’t limit yourself to those in the boardroom either, as you will often find that employees who are lower down the chain are able to provide quality advice and insight.

Stay On Top Of The Financials

Your primary aims as the CEO of a company will be to ensure the business’ financial stability and to put measures in place that increase revenue and profits, possibly through decreasing outgoings in the process. This means you need to be on top of the company’s financial situation at all times. Examine financial documents immediately after taking the role and keep revisiting the data to help you make key decisions.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr

Use Different Leadership Styles

Not all of your team will respond in the same ways to a singular leadership styles, so you must develop the flexibility required to change things up so you can get the most out of everybody at the company.

Salvatore Taddeo is an experienced CEO and can be reached by calling 732.864.4147.




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Salvatore Taddeo Jr. – Culinary Arts – Cooking made fun!

Cooking as a profession is a career full of options and opportunity. Although many who attend culinary school are looking to begin a profession, some, like Sal Taddeo Jr of New Jersey, go to school to learn more about cooking and enjoy preparing food. Cooking is an activity that can often be considered a chore.


Those who prepare meals daily can lose sight of the artistic aspect of food preparation and lose motivation and creativity when cooking for themselves and other people.

Since preparing food will always be a part of everyday life, learning to make cooking fun can be beneficial for anyone who finds himself spending time in the kitchen. Attending culinary school, auditing cooking courses, or attending casual community cooking classes are a great way to learn more about cooking and provide inspiration for meals.

These courses are also a good way to build confidence and allow a person to feel more equipped when finding himself in a position of cooking for others.


Since cooking can sometimes feel like a burden for those who cook often at home, including others in the process can make cooking more enjoyable as well. Besides the feeling of lightening the load and sharing chores, cooking with others makes dinner time a more social occasion rather than a duty.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Learning more about the culinary arts and sharing that knowledge and time with family has made cooking an enjoyable pastime and a hobby.




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Salvatore Taddeo – Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, the Medal of the Immaculate Conception, is said to have been designed by the Blessed Virgin, Mary herself. Believers like Sal Taddeo Jr. have faith in the popular notion that those who wear the medal and pray for intercession in their lives, are met with an abundance of grace.


The story begins with the first apparition of the medal. On an evening in mid-July, Saint Catherine Labouré was awakened and led to enter the chapel. It is said she was met with the Virgin Mary that night who spoke with her and told her she would be bestowing upon her a mission.

Later, that year in November, Saint Catherine received a vision of the mission she was given. This vision was of Mary standing on a half-globe while holding a golden globe in her hands as if offering it into heaven.


The globe was inscribed with the word France, and while the globe represented the world as a whole, it was especially important for the people of France who were burdened with poverty, unemployment, and an influx of refugees. The vision included rays of light coming from rings on Mary’s fingers which she described as the grace that would be obtained for those who ask for her help.

Years after the third apparition of the medal, changing the design to Mary standing upon the globe, the medal would be constructed and presented to the people. Salvatore Taddeo is one of many who wear the medal and hold Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in high esteem and respect.



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Salvatore Taddeo Jr. – Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Opening a business can be an emotional decision with a roller coaster full of choices to make each day. Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is a savvy business owner who knows the value of hard work and has a track record of making sound business decisions in his own ventures. With many new businesses lasting less than a year, those who choose to open a business must have the tenacity, passion, and knowledge to put their ideas to work.

Anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit must take into account the risks and associated with possible rewards in opening a business.

Sal Taddeo JrThe entrepreneurial spirit revels in change and growth rather than reactionary moves in an industry. Keeping the spirit alive through hard times and allowing the business to grow while staying true to the vision help keep a business in motion and maintain the same level of passion for its products, services, and customers.

Keeping this spirit alive means never growing complacent and continually learning the business while paving the way in an industry. The innovation in companies run by savvy entrepreneurs is normally higher than an average company. When a business has an owner directly involved in the day to day who has put himself on the line for his work, the creative aspect of the company can be seen in numerous ways.

Customers often value the creativity and drive that can be seen in an entrepreneurial company. They understand the risk business owners take and many seek out small businesses to support and help grow. They appreciate when businesses value their customers as well, and many small businesses go out of their way to cater to local clientele.

Although small business often comes to mind when one thinks of the spirit of entrepreneurship, large businesses can often carry on the same feeling, innovation, and passion. The hope of most businesses is to grow, and maintaining the spirit that gave successful businesses their start can be highly attractive to consumers and employees alike.

For Salvatore Taddeo Jr, owning his own businesses has been a breath of fresh air. After years of gaining knowledge and experience working for others, he has successfully transferred his education into thriving companies. He initially began Sallee Figs, a company selling thousands of fig trees each year, to be closer to his family. His wife and children now participate in the growing and maintenance of the fig trees.

Owning a business has, for him, allowed more time with those he loves while doing something he truly enjoys for a living. For many, having more time for their family while living out a passion is the ultimate goal. Beginning a business with the spirit of an entrepreneur can lead to making dreams come to fruition with careful planning and passion for one’s work.

Also check out Salvatore Taddeo Jr. Yolasite profile



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Sal Taddeo Jr.- Growing Fig Trees

For many nature enthusiasts, the idea of planting their own fruits and vegetables is exciting but overwhelming. Sal Taddeo Jr., is a businessman from New Jersey who has a passion for horticulture and planting fig trees in hundreds of varieties. Although many may find it difficult to successfully grow their plants, he has not only seen great success in growing fig trees in hundreds of varieties, as well as engineering an irrigated potting soil.

Sal Taddeo Jr

Taddeo’s company, Sallee Figs, gives a very detailed account of growing fig trees at or at His technique includes the use of his own customized, engineered irrigated potting system which is also for sale through the company. The site explains that fig trees are self-fruitful. This simply means that they do not require cross-pollination to produce fruit and will produce figs through pollen from the same cultivated variety. This grants beginners some grace as they only need one plant to care for and still reap the results. The plants can often grow upwards of 30 feet high and 10 feet wide but Taddeo explains that the fig trees can, however, be kept at smaller sizes with pruning if adequate space is a concern. Allowing fig trees the proper amount of sunlight to grow is the key factor in successfully growing the plants. These trees require full sunlight and without proper light they can quickly become unhealthy and weak.

Planting the trees in well-drained soil may also allow the plants to grow to their optimal health. Some helpful tips given by Sallee Figs in the winter include planting fig trees on the south side of a building in colder climates to provide protection from harsh weather and covering the trees with blankets, tarps, plastic, etc. to provide further winter protection when the temperature drops below freezing. The trees can be pruned into large shrubs as well if the shape better fits your space and can be expected to produce figs within three years.

Spacing fig trees approximately 15’ to 20’ is also an important factor in producing healthy plants when planting multiple trees. Remembering to water the fig trees regularly throughout the summertime and fertilizing when needed, as well as mulching, will help fig tree fruit producing bushels of fruit per fig tree.

Remaining diligent when planting and maintaining fig trees can ensure healthy trees which produce plentiful amounts of fruit each year. Sal Taddeo Jr. currently owns a collection of around 7,000 trees of unique varieties from around the world. He greatly enjoys the process of planting the fig trees and spending time with his family as they maintain their crops and watch their hard work flourish.


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Sal Taddeo Jr. – Qualities A CEO Must Possess

Sal Taddeo Jr. is an experienced business leader who is currently the CEO of both Salangi Enterprises and Sallee Figs. In order to ensure that each company is run effectively, he needs to have a number of qualities that are common amongst the most competent CEOs, including all of the following traits.

Sal Taddeo Jr


The best CEOs are always looking for ways to grow, both on a professional level and in terms of expanding the operations of the company’s that they lead. Ambition is a vital trait, as it pushes CEOs to keep looking for new avenues of revenue and opportunities that can help their businesses. Those who allow themselves to stagnate or settle into their positions often find that their companies falter over time.

They Listen

The best CEOs understand that they are not perfect and that they always have room for improvement. This prompts them to listen carefully to everything that they are told, be it advice from others within their companies or lessons from more experienced professionals. Those who are not willing to accept that others often have something to offer will struggle to develop on a professional level.

They Are Workaholics

Sal Taddeo Jr. has enjoyed so much success as a business leader because he works hard to provide the best services to his clients and the exemplary working condition for his staff members. Good CEOs recognize that they will face constant demands on their time and will put the effort in to realize their ambitions.


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Sal Taddeo Jr. – The Advantages of Buying A Home

As a licensed real estate agent in New Jersey, Sal Taddeo Jr. is often called upon to give advice to clients about whether they should choose to buy or rent homes. Both options have their pros and cons, so here is an examination of some of the benefits that buying offers when compared to renting.

Sal Taddeo Jr

Your Money Goes Somewhere

One of the biggest issues that people face when renting properties is that the money they spend all ends up going to their landlords. When buying, the money you pay on the property will result in the building of equity, which makes purchasing a great investment for those who intend to stay in the property for a long period of time. If you choose to sell, you should receive a large portion of the money you have paid back, rather than just the initial security deposit that you get when renting.


Another barrier that renters must face is the inability to do anything that they want when inside the property. Most tenancy agreements will place various restrictions on the tenant, such as not allowing them to keep pets or limiting what they can do in terms of redecoration. These are not issues that you will have to face if you purchase a property outright.

Tax Advantages

As a real estate agent, Sal Taddeo Jr. endeavors to provide as much information as possible to all of his clients. One of the most important things to remember about buying a house is that doing so may entitle you to a number of tax benefits that aren’t available to renters.


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