Sal Taddeo Jr. – Owner of Salangi Enterprises

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the owner and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, a business consulting firm that for several years has helped many clients get their own companies started and successful. Mr. Taddeo has extensive business experience and skills that he uses to help other businesses in the Rumson, New Jersey area grow and help the community as a whole. He has developed his expertise in the running of his business called Sallee Figs, which grows and sells fig trees to the community. He understands what it takes to start a business and put together a plan that will nurture the business and help it grow.

Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr. founded Salangi Enterprises in 2014 to help the business community grow and develop around him. He saw great potential for business development in his community, which is why he started Sallee Figs as well. Taddeo has worked with many different business leaders in the community to help them set up the foundation of economic development and prosperity in his community, one client at a time. Sal Taddeo Jr. is under no illusions that his small business consulting firm will fundamentally change the business environment around him for good, but any small contribution he can make to help businesses in the area run more smoothly makes him happy.

Sal Taddeo Jr. is extremely driven and motivated to helping his fellow business owners in his community succeed. He has provided people with quality products and services in Rumson for many years and he hopes to continue this tradition. He can be contacted at


About Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, a construction, consulting, and project management firm specializing in real estate and facility operations. Mr. Taddeo prides himself on helping other businesses expand in New Jersey, which helps stimulate the economy and provide jobs to his community. He hopes that his businesses are an example of how all businesses should be run in the community. Mr. Taddeo may be contacted at
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