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The fig falls under the genus of Ficus, which encompasses about 850 species of woody trees, shrubs, vines, epiphytes and hemiepiphyte’s. Collectively known as fig trees or figs, they are native throughout the tropics with a few species extending into the semi-warm temperate zone. The Common Fig is a temperate species native to southwest Asia and the Mediterranean region (from Afghanistan to Portugal), which has been widely cultivated from ancient times for its fruit called figs. The fruit of other species are also edible, but are usually of local economic importance or eaten as bush food.

Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr

Fruit-producing fig trees, known botanically as the Ficus carica species, can be grown successfully in large containers such as wine barrels. They must have proper drainage, and the soil quality and moisture must be maintained. Fig trees grow to between 10 and 30 feet in height and spread. According to the California Rare Fruit Growers Association, slow-growing or compact cultivars are ideal for wine barrels and other similarly confined soil spaces. Container planting also allows you the option to move the tree indoors when temperatures threaten to drop below 30 degrees F, thereby protecting the plant tissues and fruit crops from frost damage. Sallee Figs are experts in the growing and cultivation of fig trees. They offer over a 100 varieties of rare fig trees for sale locally or shipped throughout the U.S.

Sal Taddeo Jr. has spent years in the business world, holding an executive position with a variety of organizations. He has served as the President and CEO of the Salangi Enterprises LLC, a consulting business and with Sallee Figs, a company that grows and sells rare exotic fig trees. He is also the Director of Sales for Approved Oil, one of New York’s leading and premier full-serviced energy companies.


About Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, a construction, consulting, and project management firm specializing in real estate and facility operations. Mr. Taddeo prides himself on helping other businesses expand in New Jersey, which helps stimulate the economy and provide jobs to his community. He hopes that his businesses are an example of how all businesses should be run in the community. Mr. Taddeo may be contacted at
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