Sal Taddeo Jr: Excellent Communication and Human Relations Skills

Succeeding in business, regardless of the organization you serve or the industry you work in, requires a certain level of communication skill; the ability to not only share thoughts and ideas with one’s colleagues, but to also be receptive to and capable of collaboration and cooperation with others throughout the workplace. Longtime business professional, entrepreneur and team leader Sal Taddeo Jr has continually demonstrated this all-too-essential skill, which has helped to propel him to multiple company leadership positions throughout his over 20 year career.

Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr

A success in the fields of real estate, facilities operations and maintenance, sales, construction management and professional consulting, Sal Taddeo Jr has always been able to rely on his ability to communicate and share ideas with professional colleagues; something that has made Taddeo both a pleasure to work with and consistently upwardly mobile corporate professional. He has displayed the qualities of a team player from the very beginnings of his career, showing an enthusiasm for cooperation, and the ability to succeed within a team environment, as a Bradlees Department Store Director of Facility of Operations and Construction, as President and Chief Executive Officer of T&E Construction Management Services, as CEO and President of both Sallee Figs LLC and Salangi Enterprises LLC, and more.

Sal Taddeo Jr understands that it requires the work of a cohesive unit, a team, to be successful in the fast-paced, deadline-driven business community. He has always been committed to the idea that innovation, production and company success are generally not possible without a supportive and collaborative group of professionals, people all willing to work together towards objective and project completion.


About Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, a construction, consulting, and project management firm specializing in real estate and facility operations. Mr. Taddeo prides himself on helping other businesses expand in New Jersey, which helps stimulate the economy and provide jobs to his community. He hopes that his businesses are an example of how all businesses should be run in the community. Mr. Taddeo may be contacted at
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