Sal Taddeo Jr – Professional Background

Sal Taddeo Jr has been a successful professional in the fields of construction management, facilities operations and maintenance, real estate development and lease negotiations for over two decades. As someone with over 20 years of experience in each particular field, Taddeo has developed and honed the skills, insight and familiarity needed to be an asset to any professional organization.

Currently a senior level manager, real estate professional and leader of several successful corporations, Sal Taddeo Jr continues to demonstrate the same entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm he has possessed from a very early age. A Director of Sales for Approved Oil one of New York’s leading and premier full serviced energy companies, President and CEO of both Sallee Figs LLC and Salangi Enterprises LLC, licensed New Jersey real estate agent and professional merchant processing consultant, Sal Taddeo Jr has proven his worth as a business professional and leader within numerous industries.

Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr, a former student of New York’s Institute of Design and Construction, is well-studied, versed and experienced in the many aspects of facilities operation and project management, as well as the many facets of mechanical and structural design, architectural planning and design and construction management. He continues to display a strong aptitude for business leadership, for real estate and for business innovation, a quality that helps Taddeo stand out from his colleagues and to perform far above and beyond his competitors.

Taddeo is an organized, focused and enthusiastic team player, someone who is always willing and able to work with others towards the successful completion of a common objective. He has been an effective, efficient and invaluable asset to numerous organizations throughout his career.


About Sal Taddeo Jr

Sal Taddeo Jr. is the President and CEO of Salangi Enterprises, a construction, consulting, and project management firm specializing in real estate and facility operations. Mr. Taddeo prides himself on helping other businesses expand in New Jersey, which helps stimulate the economy and provide jobs to his community. He hopes that his businesses are an example of how all businesses should be run in the community. Mr. Taddeo may be contacted at
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